Todd Bryan - Trainer

Years of experience: 30 at F.E.I levels

Expertise: Training horses through F.E.I. and training riders through their USDF Medals.



Private turnout is available to each horse. We offer 14 irrigated paddocks with 3 board fencing. Water troughs are cleaned and paddocks picked clean every 2 days. The perimeter of the farm is maintained as a hacking/hill work trail for riders.                       

Our Vision

Our Facility


Our 12 x 12 stalls offer Nelson waterers and full mats. We use bagged shavings for bedding to reduce irritants to the horses. Each stall has a fan located in the upper corner for comfort.                       


Our covered dressage arena offers European GGT footing with an under layer of mats. It also boasts a full wall of mirrors.                    

It is our mission to provide a positive and supportive environment for horses and riders of all levels. In addition to our experienced trainers, we have gathered a team of dedicated professionals, including veterinarians, farriers, saddle fitters, etc. We thoroughly enjoy watching our horses and students reach their goals in a happy and harmonious manner!

Nicholas Bryan

Assistant trainer

Expertise: Assisting with exercising training horses. Riding horses while owners are away.

Micaela Clapp


Expertise: Very detail-oriented, focused, and beloved by all the horses! Micaela is also an avid event rider.

Rebecca Bryan - Trainer

Years of experience: 30

Expertise: Training junior riders through F.E.I. 

Our Staff

South Haven Farm

Conveniently located near the new 429, the farm offers 15 acres of horse-friendly paradise.